We have been selected for a number of state-funded projects since its establishment and have been recognized for its technology and business feasibility. We have developed our prototype MSK through a state support project, and we aim to advance the rapid screening technology of microorganisms through state support such as the ongoing IPET high value-added project.
Agri-food Venture Development Support Project
Si-heung Startup Center Prototyping Support Project
Patent Strategy Consulting Support Project
Voucher for Start-up Company Support Service
IPET High-value Project
Study on the Diversification and Preference of Korean Military Combat Food
WISET Science and Engineering Researcher Substitute Utilization Support Project
Practical Start-up Training
Preliminary Start-up Package
Makerspace Prototyping Support
WISET Science and Engineering Researcher Support Project
Seoul National University Future Mobility Research Building 602, 82, Baegot 2-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, 15011
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