Technical consulting-HACCP
We, equipped with state-of-art knowledge and technology, support solutions for HACCP certification and follow-up management to food and bio compaanies
We also support technological consulting on difficulties of food and bio companies via technology transformation.
We are strengthening our position in HACCP consulting market through several on-going consulting projects with domestic food companies.
On-Going HACCP Consulting Contracts
  • Hwagaejaeda
  • Hwanggeum-isak
  • INTAKE Corporation
What is HACCP?
Hazard Analysis
Analysis of biological, chemical and physical Hazards such as pathogenic microorganisms in raw materials and manufacturing process
Critical Control Point
Critical control of the manufacturing process to prevent, control and/or reduce to the tolerance level
HACCP is a "sanitary management system" to ensure food safety through autonomous and systematic management by identifying hazards that may occur at each stage from raw materials to manufacturing, processing, preservation, distribution, and cooking.
HACCP is recognized as the most effective and efficient food safety management system worldwide. The United States, Japan, the European Union, and international organizations (Codex, WHO, FAO) are also actively encouraging HACCP to be applied to all foods.
provides consulting on technical issues related to
IPRs(intellectual property rights) of food and bio companies based on our abundant skills and knowledge.
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